testosterone cypionate side effects

Testosterone cypionate side effects treatment may restore fertility. Therefore, women of childbearing age who do not wish to become pregnant, you must use a reliable method of contraception.
Women with disorders not related to hyperprolactinemia, should be used in an effective minimum dose needed for relief of symptoms. This is important to prevent the fall in plasma prolactin levels below the norm, leading to disruption of the corpus luteum function.

During treatment with Parlodel careful observation of patients with peptic ulcer history.
Careful evaluation and monitoring of patients with pleuropulmonary disease of unknown etiology, and cessation of therapy with the progression of disorders.
For the early diagnosis of retroperitoneal fibrosis at the initial stage of a reversible process, the doctor recommended to keep track of symptoms such as back pain, lower limb edema, renal dysfunction.Parlodel should be discontinued if confirmed fibrotic changes in the retroperitoneum or suspected their presence. Application of prolactin adenomas Since patients with macroadenomas pituitary gland may experience symptoms of hypopituitarism as a result of compression or destruction of pituitary tissue, before the appointment of Parlodel should conduct a complete functional pituitary assessment and assign appropriate replacement therapy. In patients with secondary adrenal insufficiency should be carried out substitution therapy corticosteroids.

In patients with pituitary testosterone cypionate side effects macroadenomas should continually assess the dynamics of the size of the tumor. By increasing tumor possible use of surgical methods. Careful surveillance of pregnant patients who received prior Parlodel about prolactin pituitary adenoma, as during pregnancy may increase the size of the tumor. In these patients, treatment Parlodel often leads to a decrease in tumor size and fast positive dynamics from defects of fields of view. In severe cases, the development of compression of the optic or other cranial nerves may conduct emergency surgery on the pituitary gland. A known complication makroprolaktinom is loss of visual fields. Effective treatment of hyperprolactinemia Parlodel reduces and eliminates the violation of the visual fields. However, some patients may be secondary changes field of view, despite the normalizing prolactin levels and tumor shrinkage. This may be due to the displacement of the optic chiasm down, due to the release of the volume in the sella. In this case, reduction of the dose of bromocriptine, which leads to an increase in prolactin levels and an increase in tumor size to some extent, can help eliminate the visual field defects.

In this context, monitoring of visual field in patients macroprolactinoma indicated for the early detection of secondary loss of visual fields, caused by spatial protrusion of the optic chiasm in the cavity of the seat and the adaptation to a given dose of the drug action. Some patients with adenomas prolatinsekretiruyuschimi taking Parlodel, there have been cases of cerebrospinal rhinorrhea. According to the results of clinical trials cerebrospinal rhinorrhea may be caused by the decline in invasive tumors. Patients with rare hereditary form of galactose intolerance, severe lactase deficiency, glucose galactose malabsorption, should not takel.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and / or working with mechanisms
Patients taking Parlodel should take special care when driving or operating machinery, as the background of the drug, especially during the first days of treatment, may develop hypotension leading to reduce reaction speed.
In treatment Parlodel drowsiness observed and sudden episodes of sleep, especially in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The episodes of sudden sleep on the background of daily wakefulness, occur without preceding sleepiness, rarely observed. Before testosterone cypionate side effects the appointment of Parlodel the doctor should inform the patient about these risk factors and recommend to refrain from driving vehicles, control mechanisms, as well as training in other potentially hazardous activities that require attention and speed of reaction. If severe drowsiness or sudden sleep episodes appearance, should reduce the dose or cancel it completely.